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My name is Meredith Manke and I am from Franklin Wisconsin (near Milwaukee). I attended Franklin High School and I am a freshman here at St. Norbert College. As of right now I am majoring in biomedical sciences with a minor in chemistry as well as playing on the SNC softball team. The reason why I applied for this fellowship is that I would like to consider myself somewhat tech-savvy and interior design in the classroom setting is something that I have experience with as I went to Marquette University for Calculus III my senior year. I definitely can compare what works in a classroom setting and what doesn’t. I am super excited to research the ways technology can impact one’s learning and to set up different classroom settings so other universities can mimic what we do here at SNC.

What does it mean to be a Digital Learning and Production Fellow?

The purpose of being a Digital Learning and Production Fellow is to understand how space affects the way that students learn. In 2021 and 2022, I will be exploring new ways to innovate spaces to maximize learning. We as a St. Norbert community will be posting our digital classroom settings on a platform called FLEXspace (Flexible Learning Environments Exchange). FLEXspace is basically like Pinterest for those designing classroom spaces. Where the digital aspect of this fellowship is that we are also working to create a space in the Campus Safety Building with a variety of technology ranging from Virtual Reality setups, podcast equipment, camera rigs, and many more cool tech gadgets that could benefit your learning. Our goals are to figure out ways to advertise this space and make it more accessible and efficient for both professors and students to use in the classroom.

What is the TechBar Studio?

The TechBar Studio is a creative space for students to use technology that they would not typically find in their dorms. With digital media being on the rise, so are the different platforms and technologies needed to fulfill the dynamic world. There are four stations located in the studio including podcasting, screencasting, virtual reality, and an educational station. Although the stations have titles, the possibilities of what you could actually do in the studio are endless. This has been my main project since I have become a Digital Learning and Production Fellow here at SNC.

What: A space to create digital media with high-quality equipment

Where: Pennings Activity Center (PAC) 220

When Available: During ITS Service Hours and/or by appointment

Why: To offer a creative for students to explore their interests without spending thousands of dollars on equipment they might never use again.